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The Italian fashion hair and the best foreign designers


Italian & International Hair Fashion
The Italian fashion hair and the best foreign designers

I.H.F. magazine is the new image for hairdressers and their clients, (quarterly is published 4 times a year: March to June - September to December) with lots of hair fashion images in large format proposed by famous Italian and foreign designers. A magazine practical and modern, easily accessible to the sun, many, beautiful glamorous and trendy hairstyles for everyone and for all needs. Many ideas from fashion show, as they propose, or interpret and customize now, just for your customers!

All trends autumn / winter 2008-2009
Cut medium / short for a modern woman from the shy, but with a touch "bon ton." Honey color, fold move, the soft peaks, which all'acconciatura movement.
If you are a hairdresser and would like to see on IHF magazine published photos of your best hairstyles ... let assessed and then publish them ...! Send only good quality shots in digital format and high resolution (jpg or tiff - minimum size of each image 15 x 18 cm) on CD Rom and list of photos in the CD rom itself. Printing on plain paper of the same photo will be much appreciated. Remember also to tell all claims relating to each photo (hairdresser, name and address of the hall, photographer, make-up, stylist, etc.. Etc.)
Sensuality and delicacy inspired the artist of the hair to create a modern hair style that plays on the contrast between the fringe of the eggplant slightly scarmigliata and the rust of tips that follow the profile of the shoulders. And the flower which is laying the butterfly? E 'man by the hair flowing move from the natural flavor.
Chioma honey-gold volume driven by a large spend ricci broken that looked somewhat dreamy 'enigmatic for an aggressive look.
Split hair and beard that gives fallow times Ges including all Eastern scarf.
make-up art - For a Have you wanted to envy? Well, now we must keep it ... do not want to become just a nice memory! The hydration is the only solution. For a facial moisturizing fluid, easy-absorption that avoids greasy skin. The foundation is not used in this period is granted instead a transparent veil of powder and a sprinkling of ground tanning just to brown color and lighting. Ok to lucidalabbra and mascara. The skin now needs to regenerate, are to avoid heavy make-up. The body must be hydrated but with a glossy cream that enhances the tan.
Take care of himself and of his look (hair, body, makeup, clothing) during a whole day of total well-being may be a dream ... maybe be implemented in a elengante spa, just like this, designed and furnished by Expert Group Salon Ambience Italy and Ireland.
Despite tips. Sfilatissimo cut on a brown intense ... caress long pointed nose and lips so spite.
Two versions for a cut young man climbed on a lopsided biondo classic. In the first version, smooth with long tuft are acting - in the second, with fringe split and fold to "all wind".
A couple who apparently ex-scenes drama of a ballet classic. For her: black feathers, dark make-up markedly, diadem on cutting short softened from the front just covered, so smooth and a lock below the eye.
Organized by the Italian magazine I.H.F. and Global Marketing, the International Hair & ITALIAN INDUSTRY AWARDS apply to about passionately hairstylists who create and develop trend and excel in this competitive business world. They can attend all international fairs deciding their own category and discipline that best allows them to demonstrate their talents and personal abilities through their photographic work. Participation will be judged by a panel of experts that will maintain anonymity while participating on the finalists will be selected by independent auditors. E 'ensured the publication of the work of the winners of various categories and the winner of the International Hair & ITALIAN INDUSTRY AWARDS HAIRSTYLIST 2009 at the largest media specialist. The winner will automatically become ambassador of his country. gain fame and acclaim, and his success can be a springboard for further cultivate his personal style, making real his dreams and those of his colleagues and promote the quality and passion for this sector. Talent deserves to be encouraged so that real inspiration and creativity and reveal the already lelevato quality of the world of hairdressing can always improve and distinguish themselves. Get involved! Try and feel part of a new, privileged area.

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